Cosmetic Face Lifting for a More Bright Look and a Rejuvenated Neck

Cosmetic Face Lifting for a More Bright Look and a Rejuvenated Neck

Face Cosmetic LiftingThe face cosmetic lifting is a surgical procedure used to lift and reposition the facial tissues that, over time, have lost their tone, giving the face a younger and more vital look. It is an effective surgical procedure that became popular in the mid 80s and has a long story of success for many people. It is one of the most required face cosmetic surgery techniques by actors and actresses, showmen and politicians.

Face lifting is not indicated to eliminate “crow’s feet” or wrinkles around the lips, because these are not produced by aging but by muscle continued contraction. For this kind of wrinkles the best solution is face cosmetic Botox, injections of botulinum toxin of type A that prevent the contractions of the muscle it is injected into.

A lifting does not produce changes eyelids or top part of the eyes. If this were the problem you should undergo a lifting specifically for the forehead and / or eyebrows.

The face cosmetic surgery method called lifting is divided into two parts:

Superior or temporary:

Also known as mini-facelift or facelift mannequin, it can be realized as an isolated procedure by elderly people, which don’t need rejuvenating cheekbones and cheeks, it will provide them a more bright look. This new facelift technique consists in an incision from both sides of the forehead to the upper part of the ears.

Middle Zone:

It acts on cheekbones and cheeks and in combination with the lifting of the eyelids (blepharoplasty), neck, forehead and eyebrows will complete the rejuvenation of the neck and face. The technique is similar to the superior one but there will be a third vertical cut on the side of the face, next to the ear.

The neck lifting will stretch out the skin and muscles, which over time have acquired a sagging aspect due to aging or hereditary traits and will eliminate the excess fat on the neck and the annoying “double chin”. Sometimes this technique is performed in combination with a chin liposuction. To perform it the surgeon will practice an incision behind the ear and one on the nape.

These incisions are made by the surgeon to separate the muscles and the face skin, tighten and lift them. Also during the process the excess tissues are removed.

The beneficial results of the cosmetic surgery face lift are well known and lasting:

It stretches the relaxed skin and relaxed face muscles
It rejuvenates the face in adults. The more advanced is the degree of aging (wrinkles, relaxed skin), the more effective will the rejuvenation be.

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