Improve the Look of Your Face Skin with IPL Face Cosmetic Rejuvenation

Improve the Look of Your Face Skin with IPL Face Cosmetic Rejuvenation

The photofacial IPL treatment is a face cosmetic treatment that uses a beam of intense pulsed light that penetrates deep in the dermis, removing the damaged skin while stimulating the production of collagen. As a result of this process the skin becomes smoother, brighter and more elastic. For this reason this treatment is often called photorejuvenation or face cosmetic rejuvenation.

The effects of IPL photorejuvenation are many and effective on almost all skin blemishes. It reduces redness of the skin contracting blood vessels that have become visible, it reduces face acne and rosacea, it reduces the pores size, it eliminates discoloration, imperfections and wrinkles.

The treatment is one of the safest processes based on light and it is practically painless. Most of the patients don’t feel any discomfort when the IPL is applied on their body, while some feel a slight prickle. Side effects are temporary. Redness, bruises and inflammation disappear in a couple of days. Not being a cosmetic face surgery it is possible to go back to social and working activities right after a session, not needing any post operative period. The only precaution is to avoid sunlight exposure for two weeks after any session. Please bear in mind that people with dark skin, tanned people and Afro-Americans can have poor results for their skin characteristics. It is suggested that they talk to a specialist before the kind of treatment. This is because of the way IPL works, that relies on the melanin in the hair and skin of the patients.

IPL photofacial works deep into the skin, so to improve the treatment it can be used in combination with other face lift cosmetic procedures that work on the surface of the skin, such as dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, peeling and fractional laser, all acting on the epidermis.

The number of recommended sessions goes from 3 top 5, depending on the initial conditions of the are to treat. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not undergo IPL photofacial , as well as any other face cosmetic or body cosmetic treatment. Also in case of pronounced scars or opened wounds the treatment should be suspended, while occasional spots or moles will be covered. In case of any other disease or disorder it is recommended to consult a doctor. However, even if the doctor allows you to undergo the treatment, always tell the specialist that will treat you any possible health issue you have or had in the past.

The cost of a IPL photofacial treatment depends on the sessions needed and the area to treat. A face cosmetic treatment is more expensive than a treatment for the neck for example. Approximately a treatment costs from $250 to $500. This price can vary from country to country. Also look for financing options, that nowadays are available at any medical or aesthetic center.

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