How Botox Works and Why Is the No.1 Face Cosmetic Treatment

How Botox Works and Why Is the No.1 Face Cosmetic Treatment

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Botox is without any doubt one of the most effective and most successful face cosmetic treatments. Its manufacturer is Allergan Inc., that started to market it for face cosmetics use in 2002 after studying the side effect of a drug used to cure spasm related disorders. Botox is approved by FDA for both its medical and cosmetic use.

Botox is the trademark for a product that uses the active principle of the botulinum toxin, produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, which is one of the most lethal known toxin. This toxin (called Botulinum toxin A) is deadly because attacks a protein related to the neurotransmitter that contracts the muscles. When the bacteria attaches to the nerves ending, and prevents this neurotransmitter to be released by the protein, muscles can’t contract and paralysis come up. If this happens to the respiratory system the attacked person dies for asphyxia.

Let’s talk about face cosmetic, though, and let’s see how this deadly neurotoxic protein can help you achieve a younger and better look. The key point in Botox is that in small dosage and administered locally the botulinum toxin A is not deadly, but perfectly tolerable. Injected right in the muscles that causes the wrinkle the toxin will not spread in other body areas, so the process is safe.

Botox is very effective to reduce furrow lines or frown lines, crow feet, neck bands and so on. In general, paralyzing the contraction of muscles helps in any case of spasm, from blepharospasm to strabismus to cervical dystonia.

So, why is Botox so effective? A muscle unable to contract is a muscle that cannot wrinkle. As simple as that.

Botox face cosmetic treatments are popular also because they are easy to undergo and give fast results. One session takes place in 10 or 15 minutes and improvements in your cosmetic face lift can be seen after a couple of days if not hours. The operation is not painful, not more than a regular injections and of course the whole process is done without anesthesia (not being an invasive cosmetic surgery face lift). There is no post operative period and you can go back to your social and working life immediately right after it. However some side effects may occur. The most frequent ones are droopy eyelids, nausea, facial pain and a slight bruise in the zone where the injection took place.

The effect of Botox is not permanent. It will slowly begin to fade approximately four months after the first injection. This period may change depending form the patient and goes from three to eight months.

Botox is the most famous product for face cosmetic based on Botulinum Toxin A, but there are other similar products. Allergan Inc. itself sells Botox, Botox Cosmetic, Vistabel and Vistabex. Ipsen Inc. markets Dysport Cosmetic, Dysport and Reloxin while other products are Myoblock/Neurobloc (Solstice Neurosciences Inc.), NT-201/ XEOMIN (Merz Pharmaceuticals) and PurTox (Mentor Corporation).

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