Averting Hair loss and Thinning through Natural Hair Restoration Methods

Averting Hair loss and Thinning through Natural Hair Restoration Methods

Hair loss in men and women are different. Though it varies in degree and in pattern, it is both deemed unacceptable. There are many commercial products that may solve this problem but some carry side effects. There are natural ways of treating hair loss like home remedies. Some natural hair restoration methods are just as effective as commercial products but carry less or no side effects.

There are many causes of hair loss in men and women. Some are natural like genetics and hormonal and some are due to stress or bad eating habits. Some illness and medications can also cause the hair to fall. The cause of hair loss is important in treating each case effectively. Taking into consideration the gender of the patient is important since men and women have different patterns of hair loss. For men, thinning usually occurs in particular parts while women tend to lose hair on the whole head. That is why hair loss surgery although effective and more lasting is not recommended for women. It is wise to consult a doctor when thinning starts so that a proper assessment of the degree of loss and the possible causes can be obtained.

As mentioned, illnesses, poor diet and medication can be causes of hair loss. Detoxifying the body can be tried to remove some of the harmful substances in the system. A healthy diet of food good for the hair can also be beneficial. Some examples of food good for the hair are almonds, oranges, oats, soy beans and fish.

There are many home remedies that can be tried to combat hair thinning. Some of the items in the pantry can be effectively used as treatments. Common items in the kitchen like mayonnaise, lemon and egg yolks can be used as ingredients for home remedies. Herbs such as rosemary, aloe vera and jojoba are also known to effectively treat hair loss.

Massaging the scalp for ten minutes a day can do wonder on a thinning scalp. It can stimulate the blood flow therefore stimulating hair growth. Massage therapy is most effective usually with aromatheraphy using almond, lavender or sesame oil.

If home remedies are just too much work for some, there are commercial products in the market today that are still considered natural because of its ingredients. Hair growth shampoo, medicines and topical solutions are widely available and some carry natural ingredients. It is not a hopeless case when it comes to hair loss. A good assessment of the situation and studying the possible solution can avert and even treat hair loss.

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