All about Threading Hair Removal

All about Threading Hair Removal

The newest trend in the skin care and beauty industry these days is the threading hair removal method. It has been a common practice in the Eastern countries like Egypt and India. But it’s just starting to get popular in the western world. Nonetheless, more and more women are fond of getting such a treatment. And why wouldn’t they? It can solve their hair problems for a longer period of time as it gets rid of the entire hair follicle.

This method makes use of a cotton thread that is pulled out in a quick, twisting motion by the specialist. Of course, the ‘ouch’ factor is involve in this method. But that’s just how it is in the world of beauty, it always has a price. The great thing about this method though is that it’s 100 percent sanitary. Only the thread will touch the skin and it is thrown away by the specialist after use. It is highly recommended to people who have trouble taming their eyebrows. This is the best alternative to waxing or tweezing.

Another advantage of this hair removal method is that it doesn’t make use of any chemical. This means that people do not have to deal with any side effects when undergoing such treatment. It also does not take too much of anyone’s time. It would only take around three minutes for a specialist to thread the eyebrow area. It may take longer for other areas of the body, but the method is quite fast as compared to other hair removal procedures.

Although this is not a permanent solution to the unwanted hair problem, continuous sessions can lead to the complete elimination of the hair follicle. The hair would eventually stop from growing and therefore leave the skin forever hair-free. However, the method can only be done by a specialist. The results would be close to undesirable if the procedure is done improperly. So for individuals who do not have the time to go to a spa or salon, then they better stick to using the best epilator device that they have for a more satisfactory outcome.

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