Laser Hair Removal Cost and the Factors That Influence It

Laser Hair Removal Cost and the Factors That Influence It

The cost of laser treatment is high compared to other hair removing procedures. But not every laser treatment has the same price as the other. There a number of factors that influence laser hair removal cost. Laser, being so popular nowadays, is what everyone wants but the budget is what actually determines whether you should undergo the treatment or not. The factors that influence the laser removal procedure’s cost are detailed below.

Body Part

Any part of the body can undergo a laser treatment but the price varies. Smaller parts with less hair will obviously cost less, which means that face cosmetic hair removal will be less expensive than any other part of the body. Also, people differ in their hair regeneration speed and that also affects the cost. Large areas such as the legs or the back cost more than smaller areas.


The time taken will also influence the cost of laser hair removal. Clinics charge per minute or per time segment for laser hair removal. It depends on how long it takes for the treatment. The time can be determined by thickness and texture of the hair. There are some people who are not very hairy so obviously, the treatment will not take as much time for them but for people who have lots of hair on their body, a longer period of time will be needed to remove it.

Skin Color

The skin color also influences the cost for laser hair removal. Fair and light skin color makes it easier to remove hair and the laser treatment on this kind of skin color is fairly simple to perform. People with light skin require few sittings for the laser treatment and faster results are obtained that are long lasting. For people with dark skin, laser treatment is not recommended but now laser machines for these types of skin tones are available. They require more sittings; results are not that effective and great expertise is required from the side of the clinic.

Equipment Type

The type of equipment the clinic has will greatly influence the laser hair removal costs. There are many types of laser equipment on the market, such as intense pulse light treatment. These are laser equivalent and are more difficult to adjust. In fact, great expertise is needed to handle and operate this type of laser equipment. If this type of equipment is used in a clinic, the price of the laser treatment will be high so an individual consultation for price is recommended with clinics that use this type of equipments.


Prices vary due to the geographic location. Prices of laser equipment in one city or country will differ from that of another country or city.

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