Be Carefree with Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Be Carefree with Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

With bikini season fast approaching, it is time to think about a number of aesthetic treatments to look as good as you can. Skin enhancement, face cosmetic, tight, waist and buttocks treatment, and of course hair removal around your bikini line. After all, you want to look ay your best while wearing your beach attire and you want nothing to take away from your beach look. Brazilian laser hair removal will take care of that worry. You will be confident in not only your bikini, but any low cut clothes you may prefer to wear.

Brazilian bikini laser hair removal is a way to completely remove pubic hair. Not only is it preferred by those who wear bikinis or bathing suits, but also for those who prefer the clean, uncluttered feeling. Once your pubic hair is lasered, there is no worrying about temporary treatments or remembering to bring your razor when you are on vacation.

The way a full Brazilian laser hair removal treatment works is by using a hand held laser that is moved over the hair to be removed and at certain intervals, the laser is activated and hits the follicles below the skin. The procedure kills the follicles of hair. However, hair grows in cycles so it may take a few treatments to be sure the entire hair cycle has been removed permanently.

Depending on how much hair is to be removed, each session may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. However, 30 minutes is a typical average. The treatment is virtually painless but may result in slight discomfort for a short time period. The laser specialist may offer a light anesthetic to offset any discomfort during the procedure. Once your required number of treatments is complete, your hair is gone, gone, gone.

Be sure the facility you use for laser hair removal has the most up-to-date equipment. Ask about side effects of laser hair removal. While it is a very rare occurrence, laser hair removal treatment has been known to burn or discolor the skin. Sometimes, redness will appear after the laser treatment but will disappear within 1-2 hours.

This laser hair removal system is becoming the preferred choice over wax removal of hair. The wax process is painful and temporary so why repeat a process when it can be taken care of by a series of treatments that will work permanently? The cost of laser hair removal treatments is more expensive than other temporary treatments but in the long run, laser removal is less expensive. A full Brazilian hair removal laser treatment may cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000. Remember, this range is just a ballpark figure to give you an idea of cost.

Laser hair removal only works on dark hair. It is not effective on blonde, red, gray, and peach fuzz. Some laser specialists may require or request that you shave the area subject to laser treatment the day before treatment. After laser treatment, the customer is able to resume regular activities but should stay out of the sun for a few days. Laser hair removal is typically not covered by health insurance.

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