How to Look Elegant on Your Wedding

How to Look Elegant on Your Wedding

Wedding is one of the days a woman will never forget in her life. It is very important that your makeup is such that it does not cause a negative reaction and gives you an elegant look that you will never forget all your life.

The most important advice on makeup is that you should not try any new product. You might suddenly find out on that day of your wedding that you are actually allergic to the same. If you want to use any new product try them on for at least two months before your wedding, so that if there is any reaction it can be resolved.

Moisturiser and Concealer

Apply a good moisturiser and lip balm 20 minutes before you start with your makeup. There are high chances of you being nervous and sleepless the night before your wedding. This may cause dark circles. Hence use a concealer on the under eye to cover them. Place two cucumber slices from the refrigerator on each eye and relax for 10 to 15 minutes. This is very good for swollen and under eye circles.

You do need some wedding makeup tips to take care of your eyes. If you are tweezing your eye brows do it at least 5 days before your wedding to avoid the redness and irritation and it takes more than 5 days for the stray hairs to grow back.

Do not use dark or frosty eye shadow. Shiny shadows do not go well with photograph. Apply eye shadow on your eye lips and water proof mascara. Do not apply them on your lower eye lashes because if you cry your eye lashes will smudge and you will look unimpressive.

Powder based brushes stay for longer time. If you have reddish skin on your face, use a yellowish-tinted moisturise. This neutralizes your skin tone. Last but not the least your lip makeup most suits your attire and your skin tone.

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