How to Apply Mineral Makeup

How to Apply Mineral Makeup

An elderly Lady customer of a spa had involuntarily fallen asleep on the tanning bed at a spa. She was unnoticed. Due to long duration on the bed her skin had changed from pale, rosy tone to a dark, crusty red. So much so it was difficult to recognise her.

When you use artificial beauty treatment and methods like tanning, bleaching, skin polishing, waxing, laser and cosmetics surgeries you are traumatizing your skin and hair. Take my cosmetics advice. Youngblood mineral makeup founder, Pauling Youngblood started this wonderful line of mineral makeup products after gaining experience working with the dermatologists and cosmetics surgeons to develop products suited for exposed, vulnerable, marred skin. These natural products allow the skin to breathe freely.

Tips By The Company

Youngblood mineral makeup have a complete line of cosmetics and all tools of the trade. The tips given by them are:-

  1. Choose the makeup according to your skin tone.
  2. Your mineral makeup should contain minimum zinc, Titania and more of natural ingredients. If it gives too much of shine on your skin then it is not safe.
  3. Before applying the makeup use a good foundation cream.
  4. The Brushes tools and accessories-brushes, sponges, trimmers should be of a good makeup brand.
  5. Avoid applying mineral powder over the eye area, when you dust the powder on and leave it keep brushing and shading the face, just as you would do a painting. Use shadow play effects and see the wonderful results.
  6. Do not use liquid foundation over the areas of your face which tend to shine when photograph for ex. high cheek bones will give you better look if cream based makeup is used.
  7. You can make your own makeup by mixing loose mineral powder with cream bases to give you a good result.

These mineral makeup product look beautiful on any skin type and tone, they are simply superb.

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