Strategies to Help Hair Grow Faster

Strategies to Help Hair Grow Faster

So you want to make your hair grow faster. It is not surprising since hair on the average person grows at the snail’s pace of about half an inch in a month and usually a bit less than even that. This adds up to roughly five or six inches in a year. Not much, especially if your dream is to have hair flowing down your back.

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Of course, you can always opt for hair extensions, to get that sexy, long style. But even though extensions you get at a salon are expensive, they can also be very damaging to your hair. And while clip-on extensions are relatively inexpensive and can be fun to try, for the most part they are not going to fool anyone. Really, you want your own flowing tresses.

How to make your hair grow faster

Ever hear the expression “beauty starts from within”? Well, that is true of hair, too. Sure, genetics, medications, pollution, styling and age all play a part, but if your hair follicles are not nourished properly they will struggle to make healthy strands. The best way to boost your nutritional intake is through consuming fresh, whole foods, like leafy greens, beautiful bright-colored vegetables and fruits (nutrients are what give them their rainbow hues) and protein-packed legumes. Your body will thank you, too.

Increase the circulation of blood to your scalp, either by exercising more (which improves circulation all over) or by massaging your head. Follicles love to feast on blood and it will fuel their production. Other follicle faves include vitamins in the B family, which are crucial for hair growth and vitamin C.

Learn how to use neem oil for hair. Neem is an ancient herb used in India for thousands of years for hair growth, as well as to help prevent graying hair and to strengthen hair.

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