Make Wrinkles under the Eye Disappear with Botox Injections

Make Wrinkles under the Eye Disappear with Botox Injections

As aging sets in, one major area of concern especially for women aside from the deteriorating state of their health is the issue on the decline of their beauty and appearance. Most women develop wrinkles on their skins as early as in their late twenties. Since aging is a natural occurrence for human beings, the sagging and wrinkling of the skin is inevitable, but it can definitely be delayed by using anti-aging products which are already flooding the market today.

Experts say that smokers and people who are frequently exposed to the sun have greater chances of developing wrinkles earlier than those who do not smoke and who are not exposed too much under the sun’s rays. At present, many women worry about the wrinkles appearing under their eyes because these make them look a lot older. So what is the best solution for such kind cosmetic problem? While there are plenty of ways to get rid of wrinkles under the eye, many still trust Botox injections.

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Botox injections, also known as Botulinum Toxin Type A, have been around and used for more than a decade already. The procedure has been used to treat the wrinkles not only under the eyes but also on other parts of the face where unsightly lines and creases usually develop.

So, how does Botox treatment works? Since this is a nonsurgical procedure, there won’t be a need for surgical knives and other tools used in surgical operations. Botox injections supply a precise amount of the substance into the muscle tissues in the area of the face that is to be treated. The substance becomes a retardant of the nerves which in turn control the muscles and keep them from contracting. This way, wrinkles around the eyes will appear reduced or will disappear.

Aside from the area under the eyes, Botox can also be applied to the area around the mouth, the neck, eyelids and over the eye brows. The procedure’s effect lasts for around four months, and you can choose to repeat the treatment to maintain a youthful, glowing skin.

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