Causes of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Causes of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

What is it that causes dark circles underneath the eyes? Although there are plenty of causes of wrinkles under eyes and eye bags, the prime cause of dark circles under eyes however is with the physiological inadequacy of the blood vessels located along the eye area. The eyes, as you may already know, have capillaries surrounding them. Naturally, these are a part of the body’s circulatory system which distributes blood within the whole body.

Due to the fact that capillaries are very tiny blood vessels, they are incapable of holding all of the blood flow at the same time. The bloodstream gets jammed and the pressure of blood gets amplified at the very same time. This results to the leakage of blood, which in turn, causes blood fragments underneath the eyes. Because the skin along the eye region is very thin, the blue-purplish tint becomes highly visible on the surface. Yes, your body has an innate defense mechanism which corrects these fragments of blood; however, dark circles under the eyes get stubborn and becomes difficult to get rid of due to other factors.

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What are the other health conditions which may exacerbate eye circles? One condition which is somewhat inescapable is the inborn trait. It is indeed true that puffy eyebags can be genetic. There are just some individuals who are predisposed to having it just as with other illnesses.

Sleeping disorders, depression, stress and other medical-related conditions can also cause the appearance of dark under eye circles. Other reasons which cause eyebags to loiter are dehydration, hay fever, eczema, allergies, Phenol Sulfotransferase deficiency, asthma, nasal congestion or rhinitis and aging to name a few. Something as simple as constant rubbing of the eyes can also cause the dreaded dark rings under them.

How do you treat such dermatological condition? You will need to check with a dermatologist or an eye specialist to determine the exact cause. Learning about the cause will make it easier for you to find the apt treatment specific to your condition.

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