Tattoo Removal Cream Prices

Tattoo Removal Cream Prices

Tattoo removal is not as expensive as you may think depending on the method you choose. Laser tattoo removal is the most expensive option costing between two and five hundred dollars per session for a small tattoo. Depending on the type, color and other factors a tattoo can take between four to twelve sessions to remove. You can shop around to get the best laser tattoo removal prices. Many local businesses have discount packages if multiple sessions are paid for in advance.

Tattoo removal cream prices are much more reasonable and will also take several quick in home sessions over a six month period of time. A six month supply of tattoo removal cream such as the Wrecking Balm brand will cost just under two hundred dollars if purchased online using the buy two get one free discount for a 72 application kit. If purchased at a retail store it is more expensive and you will not get a money back guarantee. The 24 application kit costs about one hundred dollars if purchased individually.

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You can purchase TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) which is not a cream. It’s actually a liquid that looks like water and is applied with a q-tip. This skin peeling agent is used for acne treatments, cosmetic facial peels, and tattoo removal. The cost of TCA varies depending on the how much it is diluted. Most one ounce bottles are between 12% and 25% Trichloroacetic Acid. They cost about forty dollars. I have seen smaller bottles of pure Trichloroacetic Acid being sold for around sixty dollars online but they must be diluted prior to use.

There are several options available with a wide range of costs depending on the method you choose. Laser tattoo removal is the most expensive and can be painful. It is probably more convenient since the sessions are spread out four to six weeks apart. Tattoo removal creams are a much cheaper option that must be applied 72 times over a six month period. Each application lasts about three minutes and can be done by yourself at home. TCA is the least expensive option per application.

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